serving Christ and the people of the woy woy peninsula

The Garingai People

An Ancient Land

Australia has often been described as the new country. This is also  the land of the oldest continuing human culture on the planet.

The Aboriginal People are not one people, but many, and we honour the ancient people of this place.

The Garingai people walked about in the area now known as Broken Bay and Brisbane Water.

The Darkinjung,walked in the land from the ridges back to the Wollombi area, have assumed the role of traditional custodians of the Garingai people's area as there are so few descendents of a small group largely diminished by small pox and other introduced european diseases.

Black Snake

As Governor Phillip passed the head of Cockle Creek in 1788 he saw an Aborigine who waved his spear. He pointed to Kincumber and said " Kingcoimba ! ". Next he pointed his spear toward Woy Woy and said " Wy Wy " which he knew meant black snake and he agreed as it was a swampy low lying area. European settlement in the areas was deferred for another 30 years.

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Aboriginal Culture

Indigenous Australians have been understanding and living on this land we call Australia for more than 40,000 years. The oldest and longest continuing culture known to human beings. Where other civilisations have been and gone Aboriginal culture is  still with us, and offers knowledge and skills from those ancient times for us in today's society. Having survived from the times of mega fauna and great land mass change they have learned and gained the living skills within the natural environment and still are here today. The Awabakal are the Ancient people of the Newcastle area, who listen still to the land and the ancient spirits, and this land is etched deep within Awabakal hearts.

We have much to learn from each other.

The natural outcome of learning & understanding between people is friendship and reconciliation.

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