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Since the Inception

It seems that wherever you turn you find teaching. The is a raft of Old Testament material that is specifically about teaching. The wisdom literature of proverbs with the powerful sayings that disclose truth is a powerful example.

The first part of Jesus Ministry in Galilee was a preaching and healing ministry . Much of this was marked by clear stories (we call the parables) designed to help us discover the truth. Jesus teaching was clearly distinguished from the teaching of the Scribes and the Pharisees as he taught with authority.

Jesus Teaches

The ministry of the Church has continued to value the teaching tradition, and the Church has for most of the last 2000 years been at the forefront of education. One the one hand the Church needed people who could read to those who could not, that they might hear the message of salvation, but also because there was a recognition that in education we enable people to be better. The Church has a long association with education, in schools and in Universities, and whilst most of the pioneering work of the Church is now conducted by the State, the Church continues to value education.

The second half of the 20th Century saw great pioneers for the Church in the work of liberation theology, where it was understood that education enabled people to dream and better future and then aspire to achieve it.

Yet the Church is not a Gnostic institution (we do not suggest that intellectual knowledge or the possession of some intellectual truth opens the gate of salvation. It is the undeserved gift of grace which we understand through faith in the person of Jesus , because God loves us. The ancient sages travelled from the east, and they were neither first, nor fast, yet they to found kneeling space in the straw with shepherds sheep and oxen who had been there long before.

Education does not save us, but it is in our DNA. The church exists in part to teach the way of Jesus

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