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Oecumenical -  oikoumeneAlso spelt Ecumenical comes from the Greek oikoumene meaning the whole inhabited earth. It refers to the whole church, and is used to describe the movement for the recognition all believer share a common identity as one body in Christ. It looks for co-operation and unity of purpose between different parts of the church
Omnipotent -  OnipotentGod is understood to be Omnipotent. The means that God is all powerful. This understanding of God is within the context of the Love of God, and yet also the freedom that he has given us.
Omnipresent -  OmniprenceAnglicans understand God to be Omnipresent. This means that God is present in every place at every time. This is a very important part of our understanding of God, For instance when we go to a hospital or a scripture class we do not take God with us, rather we endeavour to reveal God who is already there.
Omniscient -  OmnicienceGod is understood by Anglicans to be Omniscient. This means that God knows everything. God has all knowledge.

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