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Messy Church

Messy Church

If the thought of bringing your children to church and getting them to sit still for the service fills you with horror, don't stress, just bring them to Messy Church and let them join in the fun!

Messy Church


  What is Messy Church?

Here's how someone described their experience of what Messy Church feels like:

The hall is buzzing with conversation. Around a table adults and children burst into laughter as they wrestle with metallic tubing and googly eyes and their teenage helpers despair of ever creating the promised artefact.

A toddler slaps green paint on a huge sheet of card under the watchful eye of a Granny (not sure if they're related or not - it doesn't really matter). A five-year-old watches wide-eyed as an enthusiastic leader shows her how to bang in a nail.

There's a delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen. The ten-year-olds, intent on their glass-painting, agree it must be jacket potatoes. The minister takes a photo of the surreal result of the junk modelling and two mums catch up on the gossip as they drink welcome cups of tea and slowly decorate gift bags while their children make something unidentifiable but very chocolatey in the next room.

The cooks should be getting the plates stacked, but one of the mums needs to talk about her problems with her foster children.

There's a huge collage of The Great Banquet to assemble before five o'clock, the powder paint has proved a formidable weapon of mess creation in the hands of Jack, and we've barely got started on the lettering and whoops, someone's kicked over the gluepot...

Just another Messy Church.


When is it?

We're really excited to be able to share in the fun of Messy Church which is held the 3rd Sunday of the month. Activities begin at 4:30pm!

Where is it?

St Andrew's Anglican Church, 360 Ocean Beach Rd, Umina

What do I need?

Bring a gold coin for a donation to the cost of the messy materials, and make sure you aren't wearing your Sunday best clothes!

Contact Info


Rev'd Canon Michael Davies

mobile: 0417 650 805


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151 Blackwall Rd,
Woy Woy


02 4344 1347 .